Did some tanks just click or did I just get over a wall?

So I have been playing on and off for almost a decade. I am not a great player but not the worst. To save you the time tomato rates me at being better than about 20% of players and I have a w/r of 47%ish. At one point when I only played lights it was 50%. My average WN8 is like 700.

I’ve played mostly French lights before wheels existed. Then played Swede mediums, then japanese meds that I vastly preferred. Stats all about the same. Went into the polish med and heavy lines and was going better though heavies feel like my worst type.

Then I tried American tanks. Sherman, Thunderbolt, Super Pershing, T37, Chaffee, T29…

I’ve gotten more Aces badges in these tanks in the last few days than I have my whole career. Tomato is telling me I’m better than 70% of players in over half the American tanks I’m playing in and better than 50% in the other half. My WN8 I’m these tanks is consistently 4 digits.

So I guess my question is it just that I’m clicking with American tanks like I never clicked with other lines or perhaps I just passed a skill wall from below average to average play?

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