Directives or Bond Equipment – Optics

Bond Optics cost 4000. Directives cost 8 each or 720 bonds for 100 directives in a bulk deal (yes I know you can get 100 for 320 bonds with an optics bundle, but that isn’t my point). So 4000 bonds could get you 550 directives OR a bond optics.

Bond optics are clearly great over regular optics; it allows you to get a 13.5% VR increase over the 10% (I’m assuming most tanks that use bond/bounty optics will want CVS in the first slot). That feels like enough that it could contribute to outspotting, especially if you can use the scout slot for CVS/LNE.

But if you have bounty optics on a tier X light – the bond optic is a 1% advantage over the bounty; maybe it makes more sense to buy a crap ton of directives that can be used across multiple tanks (I’m not sure I would ever play 550 games in an AMX 13 105 for instance) and get 15% VR (12.5% +2.5% for optics directive) over 13.5% using the bond optics.

It is also more than possible that 1-3% of viewrange is a trivial concern and I’m really overthinking this….

Curious to know if anyone else has also overthought this. I never took directives very seriously before, but maybe they do make sense.

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