Disconnected from the servers when battle countdown reaches 0

I am disconnected from the server right when the game start countdown reaches 0. After about 10 seconds the game tells me that the connection is lost and I need to reconnect. Sometimes after a few tens of seconds I get kicked out of the same match again (sometimes it doesn’t happen). This has been happening for about a year (maybe more), because of this I play less and less… The problem is not my computer or the internet connection (I checked everything, the internet never goes down, the game has an exception in the firewall etc.). Sometimes i see other players remain in base for 20-30 seconds so i suppose others have the same problem. If somebody here encountered this problems… please help me. I play this game from 2011, but only in last 1-2 years this problem appeared. I don’t use any mods. I made a ticket at wargaming but with no results…

Thank you in advance!

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