Do you feel sometimes all these tank specs are just some sort of fantasy

Because I do. Sometimes I feel like they write these tanks specifications out of their ass*.
I researched IS-3 and grinded for new gun and engine. I had improved turbo and trained off road and clutch braking driver so it felt a bit fast. I couldn’t wait to get stronger engine and when I did…. it feels slower ??????? It drives slower. I’m not crazy.

Then… I have my Panther II I play occasionally now with binocs (537 view range) and Improved aiming…. and it misses my fully aimed shots like 20 metters. It’s like I’m having .48 dispersion, not 0.26.

Also Panther II has 60km/h top speed… with turbo… and it feels and drives as slow as IS-3.

Do you also sometimes feel like specs and real feeling of a tank is kind of different.

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