Do you have a mental ultimatum as in “if this happens/doesn’t happen in the game until this or then, I’ll quit”?

I’m personally a bit burnt out. WoT is the only game I play and probably the only game I’ll be able to play for a long time due to hardware limitations. And I’m just not having that much fun recently, tbh. I saw that WG started balancing out some tanks so I have some hope. I said to myself if they don’t significantly buff the Rino to comfortable DPM/armor levels, I’ll quit. I like to have the variety the game is offering, but how varied the game is when a select few tanks dominate a tier? So I guess whether they buff the Rino enough or not would be my ultimatum, so to say.

How are you with this? Are you playing because you’re having fun or it’s more like a habit? Do you have such an ultimatum?

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