Do you like Lesta or WG? 1.20 test difference

Lesta also has:
auto flip when after your tank flipped(12 seconds)
no self damage
no self and ally stun
cannot stun stunned tanks, new stun can only apply if old stun is worn off
stun duration and effect is fixed and do not depend on damage dealt
anti frag lining also reduces affect of stun(idk if it is less effect or less duration)
+7% bonus reward for stunned enemies taking damage
stun shorter than 5 seconds is no longer ignored
stun related missions are easier

i know it is russian bias and lesta is ruining the game faster than wg does, but do you think any of this is better than what we have on eu?
I personally like easier arty missions and stun nerf(even if you cannot stunlock the bz)

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