Does anyone else prefer big gun on AMX M4 51?

I was wondering if anyone prefers or exclusively uses the 127 mm gun on AMX M4 51. It is my current go to HT and I know that 120 mm gun is the more competitive option other than the fact that big gun can overmatch 40 mm plates. But I always find myself swapping out small gun to use big gun simply because it’s more enjoyable. Be it the gun sound or slightly higher alpha, I just find it more fun.

But there is always a bitter taste left in my mouth knowing that I will simply perform better if I use the small gun, especially when facing tier 10s. Hell, even against tier 8s for that matter.

So I wanted to get some inspiration from other AMX 51 lovers and see if there are other big gun users like me. Perhaps share your insight on why you prefer to use big gun over the small gun, or provide some tips on how you make it work?

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