Does my crew has diabetes?

A Panzer IV H costs 373.000 credits in game. In real life, a Panzer IV H did cost around 115.962 Reichsmark (RM). Now, in 1943, 1 RM was equivalent to about 4€, meaning that a Panzer IV H costs around 463.848€.

Dividing 463.848€/ 373.000credits gives us a value of 1,243. Meaning one credit in game is worth around 1,243€. (or 1,33$)

Meaning that a Case of cola, which costs 20.000 credits in the game, costs around 24.860€.

If we assume that one liter of Cola costs around 60cents, one “Case of Cola” in game is about 41.433 liter of Cola.

That leads me to one important question: Does my crew has diabetes?

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