dumb obvious question… why no israeli tech tree?


fought multiple tank wars started off with prewar low tier designs in the 40s and quickly progressed to modern designs, many of which are already in the tech tree in one form or another designing their own tanks which are significantly different from western or soviet designs using western tanks and improving them (shotkal, magach, super sherman, etc) capturing soviet designed tanks and incorporating western features and guns- ie T54/T55/T62 upgraded with L7

Some merkavas have autoloaders and other fancy stuff that WG could use to powercreep.

Many israeli tanks already exist in one form or another in the game. There is easily enough for a medium tree ending in the shotkal and a heavy tree ending in the merkava. You could even make an adopted foreign tree with the T55 variants, magach, etc. Maybe have Tiran be a premium?

hotchkiss H35 and H39 light tank mk 6 various shermans from m4 base model to israeli upgraded “super shermans” with french 105mm and french autoloader- the M4A1 Rev is an israeli tank, not french cromwell matila centurion- israelis made something called the shotkal out of it that was equipped with L7 105mm, better optics, better engine, etc patton- made into local designs magach and sabra amx-13 maybe early versions of the merkava? because the russians gave so much stuff to the arabs (who then abandoned their gear in the field) the israelis captured large numbers of every soviet tank that made it past the blueprint stage. Many were modified and pressed into service as israeli tanks: Tiran-4/5/6- T54/T55/T62 upgraded to various western parts- L7 105mm/US engine, etc

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