E75 ts equipment and tips?

So recently I bought myself the E75ts, and I feel like I’m either doing something wrong, or am just constantly having bad luck.

I used to run it with a turbo to capitalize on its already high top speed, and aiming unit, because skill said it’s better than having a stabilizer. That quickly changed to stabilizer because I found the bloom to be awful, and right now I swapped the turbo for vents, because I think the extra speed just gets me into trouble.

I usually play very aggressively, which is why I mostly play fast, armoured mediums, and thought this tank would be up my alley. So far the results have been mixed.

The armour is fine, never expected it to be that good, but the turret does bounce a fair few shots, sidescraping works ok to an extent. The gun is really annoying. The stats on paper don’t look bad, I don’t even mind the 0.36 accuracy because I play with guns like that a fair bit, but ffs the bloom and aim time suck ass, idk how skill plays it without stabilizers. This is mostly a problem because after a few games I decided to try a more supportive second line play style since obviously the armour isn’t that good, and it just doesn’t work, the aim time is just too long. Speed wise it’s obviously very nice… But I haven’t been able to capitalize on it. Often times when I saw an opportunity to take an aggressive position I just found myself with no support and the whole enemy team there, and even when I survived till the end, when I try to make a push my tracks get locked down, which is especially annoying when I attempt a ram.

So… What should I change? Obviously I already figured out to not be as aggressive as I was, but is there anything else I can do?

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