T92 1 shot 500 in your face with stun while you fighting with another 2 enemy heavy tank and BANG one more 495 dmg in your face with stun

FUCK YOU 1000/2500 HP gone just sit back with one hand masterbating and pick some one to throw shit on oh there is wilde IS-4 BANG 500dmg a STB-1 BANG penetration with 1500 dmg TVP BANG 1100 dmg and we got 3 of those shit every sigle game med kits and repair kits is a fking joke 1 repair for 90s and 3 arty will bang you no stop every 10~20s you will not even servive 20s with no cover arty keeping tracking you enemy sniper shoot you and enemy tank in your face can aim where ever they want

CANCER piece of shit im will not pay you nothing not even 1 cents for this shit

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