Ebr105 3 mark mentality

I’m trying to get the 3rd mark on this little bugger but just can’t manage to crack it, can barely do 4k average in a session let alone the 4.7k i need. I have watched so many videos before, but i think the help they can provide has run its course and now its just down to me. Do I need to think differently about how I approach battles/the choices I make during them? Can it just be that the people up there are on a whole other level and I can’t reach it? Is it luck with map rotation during that day and teammates? (istg when I play ht I see prokhorovka and malinovka so much more). What do you even do when the match is at a stalemate and you can’t push/spot anywhere because you’ll die (biggest offenders for this are Siegfried line and Mannerheim Line)? The highest I’ve reached is 90% then dropped down after not playing seriously. Any thoughts will be much appreciated.

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