Enemies almost always have heavier tanks and biggest health pool (3rd tier) — Newbie question, help request, angry rant.

Hello. I have a problem with game. I wouldn’t try to complain if that wouldn’t happen 13 times already (i counted). When i play the game, very often matchmaking puts enemy all medium tanks vs our all light tanks team, while also giving enemies 400-900 more hp (that’s a lot for 3rd tier). Most of the times enemies have 5+ Sahariano and 2+ T-29. We lost every single game while barely killing 1-2 enemies. I have to land 10+ shots to kill one of medium tanks and they kill me in 3-4 shots. Maybe, i should scout and spot, but it doesn’t help when my team gets steamrolled. And most of my killers have amazing dogtags, most crazy were 120000 won matches and 250000 destroyed tanks. What did you forgot on 3rt tier?

I starting to suspect that i, F2P player, just a meat for premium players. My winrate is pathetic 25%, it’s beyond the “skill tissue” at this moment. And if that will not stop right now, my winrate will stay as low. Three users already sended me few insults based on my low WR which doesn’t matter much if you consider i play against pros, not newbies as me.

What should i do in these situations? I am very close at quiting at this point, which i don’t want to do, since i enjoy the tank theme.

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