Equipment choices for Manticore?

I’m sure people will cringe when I tell them Manticore has been my very first Tier 10 light tank, but to each their own – I have zero interest in the French cars, and never bothered enough with the other LT lines (in fact, I picked the British one on a whim).

Anyway, I’ve been experimenting a bit and noticed that this tank is, fairly obviously, an abysmal damage dealer. So I’ve looked around the internet a bit and checked the new equipment, and found a possible alternative.

  1. Low noise exhaust (improves concealment)
  2. Commander’s vision system (debuff to enemy tanks’ camo when behind bushes or on the move)
  3. Optics or binos (typical of LTs, to improve my own spotting)

This with a 4-skill crew with BiA, Sixth Sense and maxed out camouflage. No food though because I’m poor and Tier 10 tanks are already expensive as they are. πŸ™

tl;dr – instead of buffing my gun, which will never be strong, I’m gambling on vision and camouflage which seem to be the only redeeming aspects of this tank. Yes it’s bad to rely on teammates to do the job for you (basically most of my earnings would come from spotting and tracking shots), but it’s not like a Manticore can carry.

Anyway, let me know what you think. Do you have better builds? Have you tried the same? How do you play your RC toy?

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