Everything I’ve learned so far (and also, how to improve further?)

Hello everyone! My username (EU) is SparkleSightHound, and I really enjoy two things – World of Tanks, and improving myself. To that end, I’ve been trying to improve my world of tanks skills so that I can have the most fun possible out of this game, and I thought I’d share with you all what I’ve learned and what I’m using to improve myself.

YaYa’s World of Tanks Map Positions is a great tool to learn where to go in the early game. for the first 2,500 games or so, I didn’t really have any idea of where to go or how to position myself. After finding this tool however, I’ve had a whole bunch of games where I got lots more damage and improved my winrate simply because I knew where to go. This tool primarily focuses on the early game positions, because they’re the easiest to think about – just pick a location and drive there. It also has fallback positions marked, which have also been useful for me. Learning the fundamentals of the game mechanics! learning how to use bushes, how to angle your armour, and which equipment loadouts are best for each tank. I tried to get one of my friends into WoT, but they got frustrated and stopped because they’d blown all their cash on random equipment – like a camo net on a heavy tank – so I learned from this and made sure to do my research for which equipment to buy. Lastly, this major piece of advice that I’ve been given has helped me save quite a few games now (though I didn’t learn it until recently, which is why tomato.gg shows my defence points as 1,000 ish and my capping points as 12,000ish lol). Defending your base is more important than capping the enemy base! If you win a flank, and the enemy also wins a flank, go back to defend. If you’re still fighting on your flank, and the enemy has won their flank, go back to defend. And make sure to use YaYa’s map positions to know where to defend, otherwise your efforts will be in vain. Another piece of advice I’ve heard a lot is that light tanks are the most important targets to get rid of first, because they are the eyes of the enemy team; getting rid of them gives you a big vision advantage over the enemy team.

Now, with all that said, I’m still not great at the game – my 52-3% winrate proves that. Therefore! I ask of you, what advice have you been given that has helped you? I’d like to add more advice and strategies and tips and tricks and useful tools to my list, so that not only can I improve, but everyone who uses this list can also improve! 🙂 Constructive Criticism is also appreciated!


P.S I understand that one of the best ways to learn is to watch and learn from the pro players – however, I don’t know who any of them are (other than QB and skill4ltu) because I live under a rock. Who should I watch in order to get better?

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