Excalibur – Bloc Mission #14

I’m really losing my mind over this one… its says to block twice as much damage as you have hp with german or japanese tanks. I don’t really get which tanks you wanna use for that… japanese heavies and maus line are just damage sponges, and they have far too many hp to block twice that amount.

E100 line looks okayish, still their overall armour doesn’t seem that great and and their kupola makes it hard to block that much damage hull down.

I think TD’s would be really neat for this mission since they normally have less hp. however, german heavy TD line doesn’t seem to have enough armour, or do they? unfortunately, i don’t have that line farmed yet, is it worth getting any of those for these missions?

so all in all yeah, i feel like german and japanese have like the worst countries for this mission and i’m not really sure which tank to try. so far i mostly went with tiger ii, but didn’t even get close. so any recommendations which tanks might be best suited for this?

Also any tips and tricks are welcome.

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