F2P player coming back after 3-5 years. What tanks should I even go for?

The Title pretty much says it all. I have played world of tanks for years but I rarely pay anything as I don’t really see the need and I don’t play enough to warrant dumping money into it, but there have been some major changes in the last few years and I’m trying to get my head around all of it.

For starters, lines that were fun to play through before have changed significantly, and I don’t know what the best tanks to grind for are, not to mention that tanks that were great before seem to get dominated by newer ones. For example I have the Panther II which used to be able to snipe etc, but I feel like I’m spotted no matter what I do even with camo in a bush?

I don’t really know where to start to get things back on track, but here is what I currently have:

Tiger I, Tiger II, E75, Panther II, Centurion I, Cromwell, Churchill I/VII, Black Prince, AMX M4 45(fuck that tank), ARL 44, M4A1, M46 Patton, M48 Patton, T29, T32, T25 AT, T28, Grille, Hummel, G.W. Panther

there are more but those are the main tech trees I have gone up, might buy back my Pershing for another T8 medium but I have not played ANY of the newer lines such as the czech tanks, italians, sweden, poland, china, or japan. Am I missing out on some solid money makers here? Any suggestion for a good next tier or two to climb up would be helpful, but any good tips on new equipment would also help, for example do I NEED Commanders Vision System on all my meds, or is there a good counter to it?

Thanks all for any input!

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