Hello everybody,

I would like to share my ( 3K recent , 120.000 battles player, since 2011) opinion and ask what do you think ( about fast 15:2 , 15:0 battles. Especialy X tier games ( like i don`t experience 15:0 on low tiers).

MY opinion:

Meta has changed since 2010 🙂 Wot is not chess anymore (slow tactical patience battles). Battles are fast and dynamic. Mainly affected by:

Playerbase learned and improved a lot (CW, streamers, youtube etc). Good players dont hesitate they just make fast decisions Players with experience just atack to maximalise their score Many clipper tanks ( just compare that long time ago there was only Bat-chat) Turbo modification –> tanks are faster to take positions and pressure

Its nothing bad i just adopted and LIKE IT 🙂

I just wanna say i dont blame MM for these battles. Time has changed and game become more dinamic. ( like all in the market)

These are main thing that come to my mind.

And I ask what in your opinion had the greatest impact of this change?

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