Favorite tier?

I’m just wondering, since a lot of the discussions on reddit and Discord seem to imply it would be tier 9 for the majority of the people (or tier 8 if they just want to farm credits).

What do you think about the specific tiers?

To be honest, I find it hard to find a good tier for my potato skill level after 10k battles, but lvl 6 seems to bring me the most fun. I also play 8 and 9 just to have a bigger choice of tanks, but don’t really enjoy them as much.

As for me:

Tier 9: Pros: A lot of strong tech tree tanks, good easy to get reward tanks, good MM, Cons: hard to earn better money with my skills, lots of burst damage, so any mistake hurts a lot.

Tier 8: Pros: Money earned in premiums, a gigantic selection of various tanks to play. Cons: Lots of burst damage, quite a big disproportion in the power level of tanks, hard because played by very experienced people that have the tanks/crews maxed out.

Tier 7 – really liked it when I stopped playing likes 2 years ago, now almost all of the tanks here are totally power creeped and see the OP tier 8 tanks a lot.

Tier 6 – Nice middle ground. Not so much burst damage. Most people already know how to play, to cover both flanks, take powerful positions etc. so it’s predictable, but at the same time, not everyone is maxed out and the power level of the tanks is pretty even, there are lots and lots of good picks.

Tier 5 – For me, I saw too often situations when I couldn’t predict what will happen at all due to the mixed experience level of the players, so in the end it was harder and not easier to play.

Tier 4 and lower – Don’t know how to play those, I must have too slow reflexes, because it’s total chaos and I don’t understand what is going on 😀

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