Favourite guns?

I’ve currently just unlocked the tortoise and while I know I’ve got great things to come with the 120 the 20pdr on this is probably the most fun I’ve had on this game. My crew isn’t 💯 yet but with bond rammer on it I’ve got my reload down to a sweet sweet 3.5 seconds and let me tell you this thing can shoot so fast it negates repair kits

Straight after repairs I’ve already damaged their tracks again and 3 seconds isn’t long for most tanks to get back into cover. Pew pew pew goes the tortoise iust come off a game facing off 4 tier X tanks and they sucked at hitting me but I will literally able to keep them from advancing just blowing tracks out one by one. Came away with 8k bounced a mediocre 1k damage and 2.5k assisted. I know that isn’t groundbreaking but God damn it was fun.

So yeah what’s peoples top guns at the moment, I hope it hasn’t spoiled me for the reload on the 120

Happy tanking

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