February Specials and Events (EU)

  • Active Twitch Drops

Team Clash 2021: There are still drops available until February 1 at 06:00 CET (UTC+1) for Team Clash participants. You can get Tiger and Dragon customizations plus commanders!


The 5th Legionary: There are Roman-themed customization items, including decals, inscriptions, and emblems available until February 21 at 23:59 CET (UTC+1) for every World of Tanks stream!


  • Team Clash 2021

From January 29 through February 8: Circon, Orzanel, NewMulti2k, and Dakillzor will raise armies of loyal fans and battle for supremacy. Pick your side, join the fight, and battle for epic rewards in intense 7v7 battles. You’ll play in top-tier vehicles and have the chance to collect several unique customizations, a spectacular 2D style, and a fearless commander who will guide you to victory!

Team registration starts on January 29 at 11:00 CET and lasts until February 5 at 00:59 CET (UTC+1). See you on the battlefield!


  • Top of the Tree

February 5 through March 5: A hard-hitting Chinese concept leads the charge into February. With its impressive penetration and alpha damage, the  X WZ-113G FT  is an impressive machine and matches the Jagdtiger with the second-highest HP pool of all tank destroyers.

February 20 through March 20: Mark your presence on the battlefield and leave burning wrecks and tankers’ tears in your wake. The  X E 100  is one of the most popular front line pushers thanks to its reliable armor and a powerful gun that inflicts crippling alpha damage on foolish foes.

  • On the Offensive

February 6 through February 9: It’s time to rev your engines, shift into gear, and start wreaking havoc in new missions. Charge into battle, go on the offensive, and collect handy XP boosts!

Extra XP for Your Crew

  • Valentine’s Day

From February 13 through February 16: For the Valentine’s Day weekend you’ll have a chance to head into battle with your tank soulmate and enjoy an exclusive experience boost for destroying a vehicle, plus x4 XP for the first win of the day.

Discounts on Premium Vehicles

  • XP Fever

February 20 through February 23: Our classic XP special is back with heaps of experience. Jump into the driver’s seat to win huge amounts of XP and a Garage slot for earning 35,000 XP over any amount of battles.

  • Clan Rivals Finals Weekend

From February 27 through February 28: The last weekend of February will see the first Clan Rivals tournament of the year. The best EU clans will once again fight against each other for awesome prizes and their place on the throne.

Not signed up yet? Don’t worry, registration will be announced at the start of February.

  • Crew Is Crucial

From February 27 through March 2: Tank crews are crucial to success on the battlefield. So use your resources and make the most of big discounts.

This is a fantastic chance to train your crews by completing missions to get double the Crew XP, and make the most of your successful battles!

Ongoing Activities

  • Daily Tournaments

February 1 through March 1: Create your team, sign up for daily tournaments, and prove yourselves as fearless tank commanders. Take advantage of new opportunities almost every day and put your battle awareness and strategies to the test and earn great rewards in the process!

This month, there will be exclusive Sunday rewards up for grabs including Premium vehicles and gold rewards, as well as missions to help you earn more. Don’t miss out!


  • Referral Program 2.0: Season 6

From December 26, 2020: Take advantage of the new season of our Referral Program. Invite a friend to World of Tanks, complete individual and Platoon missions, and collect lucrative rewards! Two new Premium reward vehicles will help you dominate the battlefield:

Show your recruit the ins and outs of World of Tanks, share clever tank battle tactics, and teach them your best maneuvers!


  • Your Well-Deserved Reward 2020

November 26, 2020 through November 2021: Thank you for being a part of the World of Tanks community! Whether you recently joined or have been around for years, we are happy to have you. As a token of our sincere appreciation and gratitude, we are sending everyone a Well-Deserved Reward depending on the year of registration in the game. Log in to the game to secure your reward.


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