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I was meeting with one of my applicants today (I am an Army Recruiter), and she brought the three kids she babysits with her. I notice the 9 year old has a lego Tiger that he is holding. So I point out that is a nice tank he has there.

His reply verbatim was “This is the Panzerkampfwagen VI, it was a German Tank from World War II. But it was also called Tiger.” At this point I’m floored. He told me that Michael Wittmann was the best Tiger Ace, and kept spouting off other World War II facts the whole time he was here.

It made me extremely impressed and happy to see a young kid that interested in World War II and Armored History.

My combat patch on my uniform is the 1st Armored Division Patch, so I had to give it to him for impressing me so much.

There it is feel good story complete.

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