Field Modifications

Anyone using them? I have mine configured on my Hellcat (6 skill crew) with my typical config as #1

Bounty Rammer, Cano Net, Binocs.

15 AP. 5 APCR, and 5 HE shells.. (or something close to that, I don’t remember the numbers exactly)

Large Repair, Large First Aid, and Auto Fire.

Config #2

Adds Orderly Ammo rack directive for faster reloads.

and changes shell load out to 5 AP, 15 APCR, 5 HE..

all else being the same.

I use Config #1 for any game I am in the top tier and #2 when I am not..

I haven’t tried Field Modifications on any other tank as the Hellcat is the only tank I’ve been driving since they were implemented. (my last 2500 games)

Anyone else using it. If so, how are you configuring things? Do you find them useful?

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