Field Modifications, my two worries.

Hi guys,

Just to clarify at the beginning, I personally love the idea of the Field Modifications. Fine tune my tanks to fit my play style, sacrifice characteristics, just to improve others. That’s really cool and can make every single tank different. Great idea.

And the but: I have two things what is worrying me a little bit.

Lower tier tanks get less modifications.

That’s mean, Tier 10s get the most, Tier 8s less. That can open the power gap between the tanks in +2/-2 MM. I don’t think it’s a good idea, to make the already much stronger Tier 10s, even more advantaged.

Can increase gold spam.

As we can get two different ammo load out, no risk to lose money, and set one for full gold. For example, a Tier 10 tank can be set full gold for Tier 10 only battles, still if end up in a Tier 8 game, switch to no gold load out for free. This way not risking to end up in Tier 8 game with full gold and lose money unnecessary. I can see even more full gold setups in top tier battles.

Do that it. What are you think about my concerns guys?

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