Finally 3 Mark the Batchat 25t

After nearly a decade of playing and 5600 battles, I finally 3 mark the Batchat 25t. I felt in love with this tank back when it clipped me that one time 7 years ago. I knew right away I need this in my life and here it is!


Highest clip potential of any tier X medium. Best/near best camo + VR + speed combo. Fear factor.


Usual paper medium stuff – no armor blahblahblah… Terrible gun handling. IAU is a must for me. (0.33 => 0.3 is a massive improvement) Requires insane amount of awareness and experience. Tier X is very very very very very very hard to play.


Know how to play light tank. (Spot, run, holding fire, gut feeling…) Assassin skill. Do you go in and clip that tank out? Where is the exit? How many shots you predict will hit? Where is the exit? Did you count the tanks before going in? Where is the exist? Do you approach back for front? Do you have gun depression to shoot? Do you need heat or APCR? Where is the exit? Where is the exit? Flex. You must always on the look out to spot and support your team. Be unpredictable!

I love this tank!!

PS: Char is so much easier to 3 mark due to tier 9 MM. Say what you want but tier X is multiple times harder to play than tier 9.

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