First Bond Tank?

Hi folks! I’ll be looking at a balance of 16k bonds after this year’s “well-deserved reward” and thinking of finally spending some of them. I understand that the consensus is that the 121B is the tank to go for, but as a free-to-play my main concern is grinding enough credits to be able to afford to play tier 9-10, and picking up a 3rd vehicle doesn’t exactly help towards that. I do have the E-25 and the SuperPershing, but I don’t particularly enjoy spamming several consecutive games of them. My most played tanks are the Su-100M1, the T-10, T-34-1, and the G.W. Panther, if that helps. Any recommendations for a bond tank would be appreciated!

Note: I am not good enough at the game to make good use out of bond equipment, unfortunately, so that is out of consideration at least in the short term.

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