First impression and thoughts about CW

Please note that I only wrote this because I wanted to share some of my thoughts and note to start a huge discussion. Don’t take everythig personal here and maybe ignore it completely if you don’t have something nice, useful or interesting to say. Also english isn’t my first language.

So I’ve been playing the game now for about 12 years, but had yesterday my first chance to participate in a CW campaign and would like to share some thoughts about it now.

First of all, the planning and organisation from the clans is insane and even for my relatively big community (just my guess that it’s big) it’s a huge effort to everyone involved in it to make sure the teams are ready and everyone knows when and where the games will be. I haven’t seen anything like that in any other online game I played and I’m really impressed by all the people who did this, especially if they are doing this in their free time after work. The skirmishes as training where also really interesting and I didn’t know that they were such a good credits farm.

The whole mode itself is probably really easy to understand, once you played for some days, but understanding the map, the zones and how to get them, defend them etc. was really hard to get at first. Also the part with why and when some battles are played, why it’s better to lose some and the 5 kill rule. Also when to use the ressources to craft tanks, equipment and so on and when to use the battle boosters for specific tanks. Without people who played this mode several times and teach us newbies, there would be so many thing which could and probably would go wrong.

Playing in a actual team of 15 guys, with an actual commander and everyone listening and following the calls, even if they go wrong, makes so much more fun then playing randoms atm. I can only respect every commander here who keeps a cool head and manages to focus on the right strategy and making the best decision and also be able to communicate this idea in the shortest amount of time to 14 other guys.

Even though there are probably many downsides to this mode, like the time you need to be available for 14 days straight, I really love it so far. I missed such big events in other competetive game like League, CSGO or Rocket League, where the best that could happen to a community or a group of friends is, that you could play as 5, vs 5 other premades…

My biggest downside of this mode are the chieftains… It just doesn’t feel right to play against teams with 6-8 of them, while our team had exactly 1. This would’nt be a problem if there was a way to obtain this tank, even if this would be just in the auction after the campaign. But having the arguably best tank in the game locked away ist just bs. It should at least be always available as CW reward, so that new players, or players like me, who just didn’t played CW until now, had a chance to be competetiv in the next campaign. (please note that there are still enough competetive tech tree tanks like S.Conq, 140, 277 and E3 that are perfectly fine for this mode, it’s just bad that the chief is a S.Conq, but better) I also would like to mention that I don’t have an issue with the 279(e), since the only thing holding me and my clanmates back playing it, is our personal skill.

All in all I would say this a great mode with a awesome tactical component and really good rewards, even if you don’t win much. Having 2 campaigns a year is probably the perfect amount to balance the rewards, tension and repetitiveness of it.

Also shoutout to the Reddit clan (RDDT) for giving us the last 2 kills after completely stomping us, so that we could also earn ressources. You guys are great.

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