For those who 3 marked the chariooter. HOW?

Question above; 3 marking this thing is driving me nuts due to 2 things, the tanks and the teams, lets start with the tank… it’s one of the most underwhelming TDs in t8 by a mile, the gun is WAY too derpy (the rounds love the ground), the armor is non existent (HE loves you, heck a t6 will pen and arta can one shot you or take half of the tank HP no matter the tier), it’s camo is not that good and LOTS of tanks will out-trade me due to the dpm (hesh doesn’t work on all tanks and the turret traverse is crap), don’t get me wrong, i love this tank but it relegated to an only bush wanking, try to be aggresive? die in the first minute of the game.

The second thing is the teams, i explained why the tank is a bush wanker and it’s depends a LOT on the teams, you need the team to spot and not fold in the first 3 minutes so i can do some damage, i was at 94.5% and i was pretty happy since i though i was going to complete it but fuck me i guess, the next games where hell on earth, 2 examples.

1st match in malinovka: our 2 lights died immediately 30 seconds in and the enemy lt had me perma spotted and hill got wrecked, result? i lost 0.70% 2nd match was in fishersman bay, our light did not want to spot and most of the team was composed of mediums, what they did, they went to snipe and not 1 moved, only 1 medium in hill, hill gets destroyed and no medium moves to secure it again, city folds and the one in hill start shotting at us, result? i lost 0.80%

This same behavior was seen in too many matches after that and now i’m at 89.95% i’m losing the drive to complete this grind, please give me some advice.

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