Free Mentoring Sessions – Maps/Positioning (Round 2)

Came back from a hiatus last month and I’m going to be restarting this program.

In short, I am willing to go over any one map of your choosing with you (can be just one person, a group of friends or your entire clan) and teach you the basics about positioning on that map. This will be done on, which you can join as a guest, you don’t need an account. We will also need voice comms, either Teamspeak or Discord, preferably yours, as my TS has very high security requirements that may take you a long time to upgrade to.

I’m on the NA Server but I’m happy to help people on other Servers too, although it will complicate scheduling. If you’re on the NA Server please send me a friend request and message me in game (Otter_von_Bismarck). I’m most available from 2PM ET to 6PM ET Mon-Fri, and 2PM ET to 8 PM ET Sat/Sun. If you’re on another server send me a Reddit PM with your Wotlabs profile, your Teamspeak info or a Discord invite, and choose a date and time (within the hours I specified) and I’ll let you know if I can do it. This is all completely free as the title says, no compensation required, and I’m happy to continue with this for as long as I have time to spare.

I can help you with all the maps with the following exceptions: Safe Haven and Minsk are my map bans, I don’t play Grand Battles, and I don’t play low tiers (so no Province, Widepark). I play Standard, Encounter and Assault on all other maps.

Hope to hear from some of you soon,


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