Fresh look at WoT.

For years I played the game with a old PC. Now when I mean old, I mean a prototype Core 2 Duo from 2007, CPU with a motherboard of that year with memory of that year at 8 GB And 6 years ago I got a 1070 to bridge the needed power. Medical bills, kids plural, medical needs for a kid pretty much locked any free money to bills. I finally got a new job which allowed for a slight PC purchase. 750 later I now have a Ryzen 5 5600x and 24 GB of ram plus the still serviceable 1070. My god. Before I would wonder how people load into the game so fast, as my loads before would give me 5 to 8 seconds left before a fight started. I now load in two seconds flat on start of load and I have time to wait. Every graphics setting is on max(before everything was on min) the game looks great and just wow. I till got rid of that dumb motion blue crap.

I sort of itch to play again. I wish I could have upgraded years ago. And oh while enjoying the details I fucking rolled my Scorp G on its side. Duck me.

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