Friendly reminder from a former player… Idk who might appreciate this, but I would have in the past

So… I’m going to start with the main thing.

Grinding games like Wot can be addictive. And it can be difficult for you to recognise promptly said addiction.

Yeah, I know, no shit! But I think that however obvious this might be in theory, it never hurts to have a little conversation about it.

So I would like to remind you: pay attention to what motivates you to play. If you play just because you enjoy the experience, and playing isn’t distruptive to the rest of your life , then more power to you! Keep having fun!

If you are having second thoughts about playing Wot, notice that you’re more often frustated than happy, or notice that playing Wot takes away time from other things in your life that require it… then listen to those feelings.

Botttom line would be: you don’t have to keep playing. Realise that if you’re not realising it.

Grinding-based games like this one make you build an habit of playing. It’s easy to get absorbed into it. There’s always some stuff to grind, always, so that becomes what you do. There might come the point where you don’t really choose to play anymore cause you enjoy it, you just keep playing because that is what you do now. And that, I feel, is limiting.

Habits are comforting, so it’s easier to mantain them rather than challenge or change them. But they can hold you back. If playing starts feeling like a chore to you, is it worth it to spend your leisure time doing that?

Then there’s also another aspect. While grinding stuff, you always have your eyes on the next thing you’re going to get. And the expectation of getting that item keeps you moving forward. Problem is, this expectation can make it harder to recognise whether you’re still fundamentally enjoying the game experience.

You might have fallen out of love with a game, but might not be able to stop because you keep thinking “I just need to grind this next item, then the gameplay is going to feel all better and I will enjoy it again”. If this becomes your method of dealing with frustration with the gameplay, I don’t think you’ll ever be satisfied.

So my advice is: take a breath, and pay attention whether these dynamics are holding you hostage.

Feel free to disregard it.

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