From T9 to T10, keep or sell?(different tanks)

So, in some tech trees, the T9 and T10 are very similar, in some cases it’s worth only the T9, in others only the T10 and in some rare cases both, my problem is…
when a T9 is very similar to the T10(or vice versa) i personally feel…bored? i mean, it’s like i’m playing the same tank but just with few soft buffs…

E75 and E100, both are similar, but play in a very different way, E100 feels and is a different tank than the E75….i don’t mean 2 tanks sharing the same gameplay… but the transition from T9–>T10 should be worth( or the T10 should be atleast fun)…anyway here is the list:

AMX M$ 51–>AMX m4 56, it’s literally the same tank, same model but with better soft stats and a bigger gun, right now i like the T9, but it is really worth to go for the T10? should i keep both or stay at T9 or just keep the T10?

WZ 111 1-4–>WZ 111 A5 same tank, different stats, wich one to keep? both? or just 1?

Type 4–>type 5 ….ctrl+c ctrl+v( not even sure if the line is worth, i sold it years and years ago)

E50–>E50 M again, identical tank, different stats

what do you think?

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