Frontline bugs

Frontline is back! So far I have played 2 matches, and here are some bugs I have encountered:

– Roughly a 50% chance that when you spawn part of your HUD will be gone, and you can’t use any of your hotkeys or switch ammo types. You can regain the functionality by pressing TAB, but you still will not be able to see your damage, assistance and blocked, and also other parts of the hud will be gone, such as cap- and objectives progress on your screen. (Has happened to me 5+ times in 2 battles)

– Upon spawning you will notice your turret is stuck and you can’t fire, and text will appear on your screen saying “Immobilized. Vehicle Destroyed”. The fix: Hold J and cut your losses. (Has happened to me once in 2 battles)

– You may see vehicles on the battlefield that look completely destroyed, but they are functioning. The first time I saw this I couldn’t believe my eyes, but a seemingly destroyed and charred tank was rotating his turret and I could shoot him for damage. (Has happened to me twice in 2 battles)

These are the bugs I have encountered, please leave your Frontline experiences in the comments 🙂

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