Frontline is just unplayable.

So i played 4 games of frontline (1 credit booster), and it is literaly unplayable half the fucking time.

In every game i played after first life I had no hud (after pressing tab ammo and consumables came back but still could not see my dmg, rank or arty strikes and ect.), the tank outlines were everywhere but on the outlines of the tank making shooting through bushes and trees impossible and the reload counter was completely broken.

In 3 games i had a bug where i respawned and i could not shoot or use consumables, i was only able to move around until i died, so i had to waste a life which cost me 5 minutes.

In 2 games i had tanks on the enemy team that looked like they were destroyed but were rolling around.

Frontline was my favourite gamemode to play and grind credits since it came into the game, i don’t know how is it possible to fuck something up this bad.

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