Frontline mode is awesome!

First time trying out Frontline, and this mode just renews Wot for me! Respawning is amazing so you are less afraid to push and switch tactics Stock tanks? OP and broken tanks? EBR? Autoloaders, auto reloaders? Unbalanced maps? 45% WR or unicum platoons? Gold spam? Bond equipments? P2W? RNG? It is 30vs30! It is so chaotic that they don’t affect much! Stock grind in this mode is amazing. 4k-5k exp in 30 minutes for your stock shitters? Fuck yeah Overalls, the randomness and constant action, and not feeling that you have to carry but just to have fun is more like playing Battlefield and not actually Wot. Of course, competitive people will hate this post and this mode, but it brought back the joy and carefree altitude I had when I first started playing Wot back in 2012! I wish this mode is available weekly and with more maps! Perhaps with extra bots to reduce lag and MM time! Heck, a conquest mode would be even better!

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