Frontlines went from earning tier 8 premiums to earning some directives.

Kind of a joke, I’m done the battlepass and there is no reason to play frontlines.

It went from offering a reliable way to earn some premiums in 2019, then it was at least a way to farm bonds and tier 9 reward tanks in 2020, to now a way to earn some directives in 2021.

I know we have battlepass for rewards now, which is sort of true, but battlepass doesn’t allow you to earn tier 8 premiums, and there is no more extended bond grinding with the pass.

This doesn’t overly effect me, but as a good player there is no real reason for me to play frontlines, and f2p players lose out on a way to earn a premium.

I feel like WG has been more generous with f2p players over the past 4 years(marathons, frontlines 2019, bond shop), but this season of frontlines seems like a bit of a slap in the face.

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