Full list of changes and additions coming next year to World of Tanks

New and Upcoming changes –

– Steel Hunter returns with respawns
– Onslaught returns
– Mirny 13 returns
– New map for Frontlines
– New Oyster Bay map
– Reworks to 8 maps (Airfield, Studzianki, Mountain Pass, Steppes, Live Oaks, Cliff, Westfield, and Mines)
– Achievements (Prestige) on tanks that can be shown in battle next to your name
– New crew system (Crew 2.0 returns)
– Final moment camera (Shows who killed you, where and how)
– Vehicle Rebalances
– New Japanese heavies and tank destroyers (possible tech trees)
– New mechanics (high tier autocannon looking thing with a temperature gauge)
– Recon mode returns with new Night Maps
– Dynamic Water that can change levels
– Dynamic objects that can change the map

There will be more details coming in February but these are all the things i could list off from the video, either way it looks to be a lot to look forward too

Here is the full video for anyone interested – https://youtu.be/fRynY9o5DD0

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