FV4201 Chieftain Proto Nerfed Stats

Today, the second iteration of the new British tier9 tank was released for the WoT supertesters.

The tank received a small nerf to its stats.

FV4201 Chieftain Proto ( Great Britain, Tier-9, prem). Changes regarding the first iteration of the Supertest.

• Gun dispersion during hull movement (Max): 0.12 (4.20) to 0.17 (5.95)
• Gun dispersion during hull traverse (Max): 0.12 (3.75) to 0.17 (5.32)
• Aiming time: 2.21 to 2.59
• Engine Power (hp): 750 to 720
• Power/weight (hp/t): 15.00 to 14.40

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