FYI, For those looking at the Tank Prestige that WG just announced.

Taking experience in Blitz with a very very similar mechanic, It will most likely be a credit sink, it’s purely there to waste free xp and credits, it will most likely not give any benefit. It’s for those with everything.

In Blitz we have the same thing, and it’s the worst thing WG has probably ever released. It cost well over 5M for tier 10 to go from rank 1-50.

And what do you get?

Just a little medal like number next to your tank, that’s it. No bonuses, no award, nothing.

Well at least we got 3 camos an update later.. still not the best camos. They aren’t styles.

Still my point of this: I’m warning you, do not expect this new prestige mechanic to be of any use. It will most likely be a way to get rid of resources with no reward. If this does become an exact copy of blitz, please warn newer players.

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