FYSTN is Recruiting

Hello fellow tankers,

I am Delta4096, XO of “The Fysters [FYSTN],” and we are looking for community oriented players who want to be a part of a clan that works together to achieve goals within World of Tanks and encourages the bonding of friendship. Stronghold battles and Clan Wars are definitely future goals of our clan, but we want to focus primarily on building a great team of friends who work together to build each other up and forward each other’s skills and progression through World of Tanks.

Our requirements are not super strict. We prefer potential recruits have at least 1-2 tier X tanks in their garage and 5,000 or more battles. Some exceptions may be made depending on skill and personality. We ask that all of our members and possible recruits come with the willingness to engage in our community and build character and friendships.

If you believe you may fit these criteria and want to be a part of a growing community and clan, please contact myself, or our Commander Ben_Dover for more information or interests in joining our family. If you’d like to talk with us before making any decisions. We invite you to join our Discord server where we can communicate with you through text or voice chat depending on availability and who is online at the time. Like everyone, we all have lives outside of the game, but someone is usually around.

Thank you all for your time and we look forward to hearing from you,



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