Game losing its luster- suggestions for fun?

So this isnt exactly a new problem, I played mostly T8-10 up until the 3/5/7 debacle, slowly began to lose interest as all my money maker and grinding tanks started to get their exhaust pipes stuffed in regularly. Then the LT line rework crippled the fun there and as a long-term LT driver this definitely hurt.
About a two years ago I stopped playing nightly.
A year ago, gotta liquor up to play friday nights and eek out some enjoyment in lower tier stupid stuff.
Still hold a near 60% winrate going on 12K battles.

And yet…I have begun to completely lose the fun factor. I hope someone out there can offer me some suggestions how to breathe some life back into my enjoyment of a game WG seems dead set on routinely making worse for me.

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