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I am pretty much a novice, under 1k games, so I figured it may be a good thing to talk about on this sub. So I was playing this game in a -2 MM (I was at the top in my M-III-Y) on mountain pass. I am a top heavy, so naturally I go to the glacier part, especially since my teammates spread evenly throughout the map and take the “textbook” positions (sounds like a great game, right?)

Wrong. What happened was all the enemy downtiers stood at the top of the hill on the glacier line and tried to snipe my coupula from 400 meters while I hid my lower plate behind a rock and farmed them. Somehow suddenly all my teammates disappear and I am left alone against 7 or so. I finish 2 oneshots and then get killed by a Caliban Pen (™️).

3.6 k damage (which is a record for me) and about 2k assist, and we still lose for some reason? Did I do something wrong or did my team just suck?

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