Gameplay feature: dynamic weather

Although far out given the glacial development speed of this game, I would like to see a dynamic weather system in-game. This would allow opportunities to open up in particular maps when players are stuck in certain bottleneck situations, say when one flank has been lost and the friendly light tank has been killed, visibility being at a loss the disadvantage is suffered by the remainder of the team who would have relied on that scout. Say if this happened on el halluf, the A1 flank has been lost, and thus the team at disadvantage is at a total loss for being flanked with no means of spotting.

At random intervals with random odds, a weather event may develop as the match progresses, this may last from a minute to 5 minutes in length.

For example, here are the maps I believe should have dynamic weather that impacts gameplay parameters:

Desert maps: El Halluf Sand River Airfield

40% chance of sandstorm

-50% view range -90% radio range

Temperate maps: Westfield Redshire

40% chance of Torrential rain

It would be interesting to hear your opinion on this as I think it would be an effective solution in Random Battles to the questionable decisions made by the team in game that isolate their own teams opportunities.

Introducing a system like this would put more attention into individual intuition to shuffle the cards dealt at that point in the match.

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