Garbage Collection is recruiting! (More than just a clan)

Garbage Collection is a community that is all about making friends. We are a tight community that plays games together. We started by playing World of Tanks, but we are now playing all kinds of games (such as Minecraft, GTA V, etc). We have a clan, play skirmishes and platoon.

Anyways, if any of you are looking for people to play with, you can join our dump (yes very funny): We play World of Tanks (that’s how we got to know each other), but also a loooot of other games. (GTA, Minecraft, random games we find, …). We also often just hang out in vc’s playing different games, talking about… stuff. Just wanted to put this out there, if you’re interested, just take a peak :). Oh, and we’re looking at resetting our Minecraft server (Vanilla or modded is still to be decided).

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