Is GG because you played well or because WOT MM is so f*cked up you won? I see people post gg in games. I look at XVM and see a poorly matched team against an opponent with way better players. I like to win but a GG WIN is a team of equally matched opponents going head-to-head. Unfortunately, WG is so f*cked up they can’t match teams equally. So many of my GG games are just because we won a game against players who are much weaker.

UFB a developer can develop a well-designed game. And then claim they can’t fix MM. I call BS. I do not buy into wait times and the other sh*t they spew. And the fan bois who support this. Or “this happens to everyone”. Well, it does not have to happen.

I’d like to think I played a game well because I played well. And not because I beat up a player who has lesser skills and game knowledge who unfortunately got paired with other people who share the same skill level(s) and misfortune.

I have good stats and quite honestly, it’s because I’ve had the good fortune of getting paired against bad players. I get pixel shots that are laughable. I get shot and caught in stupid positions, like others, only to escape with 2 hp. I KNOW THIS IS ALL RANDOM OF COURSE. hahahahahahaha.

I’d like to see a team of green/blue players (pick a color) play a team of green/blue opponents. No platoons. Let’s see how good these skilled players really are. That would be a GREAT feature and challenge.

WOT your days are numbered. You’re chasing players away with your sh*t MM. Your unsupported explanations. And your fan boi streamers who spew your story line in order to gain your good favor.

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