GHAST – EU clan recruiting for the coming campaign!

1. Clan:
GHASTYou can run, but you can’t hide.

2. Clan Portal URL:

3. About us:
GHAST is a recently established, international clan with aims of playing at a competitive level.

We’re primarily looking for active players who have a willingness to learn and/or play as a team with the goal to establish a strong clan that can dominate in clan activities such as Skirmishes, Advances and Clan Wars.

We also hope to build an enjoyable non-toxic community where you can have fun with like-minded people.

We currently have a solid base of competitively minded players, including a former JBAIT member with extensive clan wars and competitive play experience as our commander and lead FC, our people have proven themselves to work together with great success.

4. Requirements:
NOTE: All applications are dealt with on a case-by-case basis, so if you don’t quite meet all of the requirements, please don’t hesitate to ask anyway.

Must speak English.
Must be active on Discord with a working microphone.
An active interest in Strongholds and Advances and CW.
Ability to play as a team. (Following instructions/orders)
Basic intuition skills. (The ability to make certain decisions on your own during battle)

Last 30 Days: ~2000

Meta tier 8 / 10 tanks. (There is a list of these available in our Discord server)


NOTE: We are actively seeking additional (and experienced) field commanders for tier 6, 8 and 10.

Contact any of the following staff in-game or on Discord, for more information.

Commanders: * KamikazeXeX – KamikazeXeX#0001 * GoldIsAMeme – IseeNomore#1596

Executive Officers: * Revolutionize – Spenser#7970 * Deadly_dS – michaŁ#1944 * Sir_Kudzii – Kudzii#6969

Personnel Officers: * Almani18 – Almani18#0456 * Mongoose – Mongoose#3809

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