GIVEAWAY – 3 “Taster Engineer’s Bundles” + 1 “Small Engineer’s Bundle” – NA ONLY

OK — the weather is cooling off, the Holiday Season is just around the corner and I have a Visa gift card about to expire — so, it’s GIVEAWAY TIME!

I get most of my gaming money from a “beer money” program — PM for details. 😉

Now, onto the GIVEAWAY!

– Post in this thread with your IGN — NA only

– On Wednesday, about noon CST, I will pick 3 winners and gift them a “Taster Engineer’s Bundle” and gift 1 Winner with the “Small Engineer’s Bundle” …..I know, it’s not much, but free is free!

– If you win, come back here and tell us what you got!

Good luck and Happy Fall Ya’ll!

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