Glitch that destroys equipment

Over the past few weeks I’ve had the feeling that I was losing equipment. I wanted to move my class 2 binoculars from AMX ELC to T67 after unlocking AMD 178B. Demounted all 3 equipment but somehow don’t have the binoculars in depot and also not equipped to any other tank. Didn’t think much of it at first, probably just made a mistake. However, just an hour ago I unlocked the CS-59, so I demounted all equipment (vents, gun rammer and vert stabs). Equipped vert stabs to T56. Then tried to equip vents to T28, but it wasn’t there. Looked for gun rammer but was also gone.
I demounted vents first, then gun rammer and lastly vert stabs. I think this glitch makes it so that you only keep the last equipment you demount. That would explain why I lost binoculars as well as some other equipment that I didn’t keep tabs on. It’s really frustrating as this just lost me 1.2M of credits for no reason.

Has anyone noticed this too or am I the only one?

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