“gold ammo” is pay2win no matter how much you want to defend it

No, dont get me wrong – I dont hate people who just spam gold cuz they got bilions credits. Dont hate the player, hate the game right.. Thing is.. There are some tanks, that for example have much better pen on “gold” HEAT”, but they have worse shell velocity than on standart AP rounds. Then, there are many low-mid tier tanks, that have AP and “gold” APCR that is just better in everything, or tanks on tier X like Leo I – standart APCR that is good, and “gold” APCR that is even better. Now, how is that not pay2win. And no matter how many events to get free credits there are, you simply cant say this aint pay2win, if you have any conscience.

Now, dont mind me, I making this post just cuz I am drunk like F, and I was Sir Foch sub when he was still plying WoT – but honestlly tell me, what I wrote aint true.

EDIT: I am not saying that simply gold spamming makes you suepr unicorn, still gotta have brain for that. But “gold” ammo often makes the game just much more easier to play.

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