Got banned by WG but I don’t think I’m at fault…


Today I had an interesting match where my teammate ruined my match because he pushed me out of position and then blocked me from going into cover. Because of him I lost almost all of my HP and I couldn’t do much after this point. When watching the replay I realized that I touched his tank but he was still able to hit his shot, so I didn’t actually cause him any harm at all, whereas he did what can be seen in the replay… Just to point out one thing: I did not see the VK parked next to me, since I was in sniper mode.
Just looking for some opinions and don’t want to create drama or anything like that. I got 3 days of ban for this ‘unsportsmanlike conduct’.
Here is what the WG employee sent me as answer and justification: “I’m afraid that after reviewing the video replay from the game i can clearly say, that in this case it was you, who break our gaming rules, as he did not start the action. You just went in front of him and then push him out of his position, therefore I have to punish you instead.”

Thanks in advance.

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